Each year, the Presque Isle Rotary club hosts several service projects and participates in several other collaborative community projects.  Rotarians can be seen in local classrooms, at various community events, and in other efforts like park clean up.  In addition to that, PI Rotary participates in fundraising efforts to support our Scholarship Program and other ongoing community projects.


We’ve re-engineered our 73rd annual auction into the Great Big Give Back. Instead of asking local businesses to donate items that we can auction off to raise money for great local causes, we’ve reversed things. We have purchased items from local businesses for a Great Big Basket Drawing so we can raise money for great local causes. Gift baskets may include: gift cards/certificates to local shops, restaurants, local services and recreational opportunities as well as locally purchased artisan crafts, home goods, electronics, fuel oil, gas cards, and more. We see this fundraiser as an important way that we can give back to our businesses and individuals that make up our local economy, during a very trying time.

The Club originally set out to buy $5,000 in items from local businesses who supported our auction in both 2018 and 2019 and turn those items into five (5) gift baskets valued at $1,000 each. In an unexpectedly generous move, many local businesses have given back by donating items and money toward the event, which has led to two exciting developments:

1. Now each basket is valued at almost $2,000! And...

2. We're hosting a mini-auction with about a dozen of the big ticket items. 

Proceeds from the Great Big Give Back will support the Rotary Scholarship Fund, the United Way of Aroostook’s COVID-19 Response Fund, and the following 2021 events: the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest and the Northern Maine Fair.

Ticket sales start on January 20th and the big drawing will be held on March 17th. You can request tickets here or contact any PI Rotarian to purchase tickets.



For over 15 years, Presque Isle Rotarian's have been entering 3rd grade classrooms in Presque Isle and surrounding schools to provide a free thesaurus to each student.  This provides Rotarians an opportunity to share a little bit about what we do within the community and also promote literacy efforts through a mini thesaurus lesson.   


It’s an activity that’s been done at elementary schools across the country to raise awareness for Rotary International’s polio eradication efforts. Polio has not been a problem in the U.S. for many years, but this is not the case in several developing countries. In 1985, Rotary International began raising funds in an effort to eliminate polio worldwide. By partnering with the World Health Organization and other government and private groups, Rotary International has achieved a 99 percent reduction of polio worldwide. However, there are still three countries where polio is endemic—Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. To completely wipe out polio, Rotary International is raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to bring immunization projects to these areas. 

We work with schools in Presque Isle and surrounding schools -and partner with other Aroostook County Rotary Clubs and businesses- to raise money for the End Polio Now Campaign.  Students, teachers, and other participants donate at least $1 (the cost of one polio vaccine) and then we "paint" their pinkies purple. 


This annual Maine-wide event encourages and expands the reading horizon of students in the fourth to eighth grades. A list of 35 to 40 books is provided in the spring of each year and schools electing to participate can purchase all or some of the books. During the fall and winter students read the books their school has acquired. The program also runs a competition with 12 selected books. Students not only read one or more of the books they also compete online periodically with other schools answering questions and challenges about the books. 
In 2019, Presque Isle Rotary Club partnered with Easton Elementary School to provide the books for the competition and they won their district competition! 
The Presque Isle Rotary Club Scholarship fund was created March 24, 1993 and has paid out more than $60,000 to high school seniors over the last 10 years. The Scholarship Fund was created in order to promote: post high school education; vocational training and education; promote, assist, and financially endow position(s) of higher education; education through “non-traditional” methods; community service through education; scholarships to universities, schools, colleges or vocational institutions; and educational activities of all kinds, all without regard to race color, creed, or gender whatsoever.


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