The Presque Isle Rotary Club held its 9th annual Thesaurus Project, this year donating nearly 200 age-appropriate thesauruses to 3rd grade students in Ashland, Easton, Mapleton, and Presque Isle. The Club started this project as a way to promote literacy efforts and to raise awareness of Rotary in the local community. 
Because 3rd graders are starting to learn to write creatively, the thesauruses become a wonderful writing tool for them. 
According to project coordinator Sharon Campbell, the project also provides an excellent opportunity for Presque Isle Rotarians to share with students the importance of choosing their words, thinking about what they are trying to say, and finding just the right word.
When Rotarians delivered thesauruses to the children this year, Campbell explained to the students that this project started out the year before they were born.
These books are donated right to the children, which means they belong to them: students can write their names on the inside cover, bring it back and forth with them to school, and keep it as they move on to higher grade levels.
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